October 29

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Been at Perimeter Technology for several years (aquired by Tierpoint Data Centers now - with a growing number of sites across the country). Not really looking for a new job, but always wise to keep the resume dusted off.

Summer 2009
June brought the news that JM is moving all remote IT staff to LA. I can choose to re-locate to the Los Angeles Headquarters, or be let go. We have decided, not surprisingly, to stay in Oklahoma. I don't have a date yet for the lay-off, but I am now actively looking for work locally.

Summer 2008
Things have seemed to be a bit smoother over the past year, and I am greatful for it. Not looking, but the resume should be fairly current.

Update Fall 2007
The transition continues. Confidence in my future roll in the company seems to change daily.

If you need a highly motivated IT manager or Network Admin for a large corporate network, drop me a note! curt (my name) [at] my domain (above).

Update Spring 2007
Life is never dull. The announcement that JM Manufacturing is to aquire PWEagle has brought more work and more questions for the future. My hope is that I'll get to stick around and not "just" help with the transition to the new company. We shall see...but I'll likely be once again dusting off the resume just in case.

Update January 2006
I've been given an opportunity to stay with the company in a new position! Working remotely with the WAN and assisting with getting computer systems integrated on the plant floors. It will mean more travel, but we get to stay in Shawnee, and still have a regular paycheck. The family seems pleased with the hope of eating regularly.

It's official. The warning signs were there, and now (as of December '05) PWEagle, parent of USPoly, is making plans to consolodate HR, Finance, and IT.
Therefore, I will be out of a job mid-April 2006.

My resume needs a work-over, which should be accomplished over the Christmas / New Year holiday. Until then, here is what I have. If you have any suggestions, I'm always open.

References are available by request. I don't put my e-mail address on web sites any more (too much spam) but you can probably figure it out by using my name (curt) and my domain name (above)...otherwise just call me. Most of my important info is already on the internet anyway.


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